Honest Accomplice Theatre has a mission to create community dialogue about and drive individual acceptance among women and trans people by exploring topics that are often silenced, seen as shameful, or portrayed as one-dimensional. Recent representations in pop culture have increased awareness and stirred movement towards social change, but they have not helped individuals better understand how they fit in an increasingly complex and non-private world. Many topics remain binary, leaving a community of women and trans people feeling ignored and misrepresented.

Honest Accomplice energizes that community and those around them by devising new work which surfaces the nuanced experiences of women and trans people. This approach engages audiences, allowing them to relate to the experiences played out on stage, and empowers the community itself with an opportunity to construct and occupy their narratives.

Honest Accomplice Theatre's previous projects have centered on the themes of sex and sexuality, women's experiences in public spaces, the body, gender, disability, aging, and LGBTQIA youth homelessness. Such projects have been developed in partnership with organizations such as the NYC Commision on Human Rights, Green Chimneys, SAGE, Florence E. Smith Senior Center and University Settlement.