You can hire Maggie or her company, Honest Accomplice Theatre for a variety of workshops and trainings available now!

The Trans Literacy Project- Our program brings the material to your location and helps your members dive into conversations about gender and how to create an inclusive community. Two to four trans educators are present at every event to answer questions and expand upon content discussed in the videos.

Devised Theatre Workshop-  Maggie is happy to offer workshops in devised theatre (the process of creating theatre without a script using the ideas, experiences and opinions of the people in the group) to classes of under 30 students. Extensive theatre training isn't needed for this unique and cutting edge theatre form. Participants will learn how to create engaging, ethical pieces of theatre based on issues of their choice.

Sexuality and Gender Workshop- Break free from the confines of the awkward 'sex talk.' in this fun, accessible, interactive workshop geared towards comfort, humor and inclusivity.  From vocabulary, to the awkward questions you were always afraid to ask, experienced sex educator Maggie Keenan-Bolger creates a comfortable environment that is inclusive for people of all genders and sexualities as well as all levels of knowledge about these often taboo subjects.

Disability and Accessibility in Your Community Workshop- This interactive workshop will introduce your community to the importance of accessibility in their environment. It will cover the basics of vocabulary and disability justice while asking participants to examine the benefits of accessibility for everyone.

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